December Disneyland Trip Day Four: Carnation Cafe, Tower of Terror, and California Screamin’

For our fourth day at Disneyland, all eight of us decided to have an early breakfast at Carnation Cafe. One of the benefits of staying at the parks for a lot of days, is that the “rope drop” (arriving at opening to get on more rides) becomes a bit less important, because you will definitely get to everything.

The food at Carnation Cafe is not really that amazing, but the atmosphere early in the morning is priceless. It is always fun getting to watch people walk into the parks excitedly, some for the very first time. Disneyland is one of the best places to people watch, and Carnation Cafe may be one of the best places in Disneland to do just that.

We then got the chance to take both my mother and Andy’s mom on California Screamin’. Their photos were priceless! That night we also got to see the holiday version of World of Color, which was so much better than the 60th Anniversary version. We put in a few clips of that as well. Enjoy!




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