Eugene Half-Marathon Training Log: Week 3

Oops… I didn’t upload this very quickly because work has been a bit crazy lately. That said, I am super jazzed about my new interval plan. As you know, I do the run-walk-run method. Before I was doing run 4 minutes and walk 1 minute. For this half-marathon, I am working on a completely different interval. For my race-pace interval, I will be running 40 seconds/walking 20 seconds. For long runs while training, I have been running 30 sec/walking 30 seconds.

I LOVE this new interval. I have been able to keep up my pace and even push a bit faster using these shorter intervals even though technically I would be running for a smaller amount of time. After the five-mile long run last week, I felt better than I have felt after a longer run in a really long time!!

I didn’t get any workout pics from this week, but we ended up making a video of two of our weekly workouts on our Lazy Day Adventures channel. I added the video below, after the log.

MONDAY: Scheduled Rest Day

TUESDAY:….Unscheduled “Rest” Day….

WEDNESDAY:….Lack of Motivation Day….

THURSDAY: Ran 30 minutes (40 sec./30 sec. interval)

FRIDAY: Harry Potter Movie Workout (We did this for film 3)

SATURDAY: Ran 30 minutes (40sec./20 sec interval)

SUNDAY:5 Mile Long Run


I will be uploading my current week 4 log tomorrow after our long run today. Wish me luck! 6 miles….



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