Friday Five… Best Snacks at Disney’s California Adventure

When I am truly hungry at work, I always dream about pigging out on snacks at Disney parks! That said, I feel like most people, including me, think mainly about the snacks available at Disneyland rather than California Adventure.

Of course in Disneyland, there are tons of treats like Mickey beignets, dole whips, and Matterhorn macaroons, but let’s not forget DCA. So, with no further ado, here are my top five picks for the best snacks at DCA. I will say too that this is not in any sort of order. I love them all.


  1. Queso Fundido at Carthay Circle Lounge

Carthay Circle is one of the fanciest places to eat at either of the Disney parks in California…that isn’t Club 33. That said, this little dish comes in at under $15. The refilled the chips that went with it, and it was basically just a trough of melted cheese and salsa. DELISH!!


2. Make Your Own Ice Cream Bar at Clarabelle’s 

This treat really packs a punch. It is definitely one of my very favorites, though Andy doesn’t like it as much. These seem extremely simple because it is just ice cream dipped in chocolate with sprinkles, but it is oh so good. You get to choose the ice cream base, the shell, and the toppings. It is sugar heaven. That said, you may want to share this with someone…otherwise, you may fall into a sugar comma.


3. Anything at the Cozy Cone!

Whether it is Chili Cone Queso, a Pizza Flavored Popcone, or a cone full of churro bites, you really can’t go wrong with the snack choices at the Cozy Cone Motel. Plus, the theming is beyond fabulous. Andy’s favorite is the Chili Cone Queso. We have to get at least one a visit. I don’t know what he will do if it ever goes away.


4. Ice Cream Shakes at Flo’s V8 Café

Most shakes are such a waste of money. Many are either absurdly overpriced or just tasteless. The shakes at Flo’s are so creamy and thick. They are definitely a nice sweet treat on a hot day. I won’t even mention how delicious fries are dipped in them (haters gonna hate).


5. Soft-Serve Ice Cream at Paradise Pier Ice Cream

This is possibly the best deal of all the treats. A regular cone is almost a foot of delicious vanilla, chocolate, or swirl ice cream. This is such an Instagram-worthy treat with all of Paradise Pier in the background that you can usually see at least three different people taking artsy pictures of their ice cream cone. The picture alone is worth the price of the ice cream, but the delicious soft-serve takes helps this simple treat get into the top five best treats at DCA.

Comment below if you agree or if you think I am leaving anything out of this! There are so many great snacks, and I definitely haven’t had them all.



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