Training Update #1 for the Eugene Half Marathon

Since I am generally terrible at starting things on Mondays, I will measure from Wednesday to Tuesday… I know. Sorry!


With the race only about 11 weeks away, I knew that I really needed to get on the ball. You can check out my previous post about my training plan, but for today I had a usual scheduled run for 30 minutes. For this run, I tend to just go to the gym to get it done on the dreadmill after work.

I am trying to do more of a warm up right now, so I did about five minutes of dynamic stretches and then five minutes of a brisk walk before getting into my 4:1 run to walking ratio. This was the first time I shortened the ratio. I used to do 4 minutes of running and then 1 minute of walking. For this one I started doing 1 minutes of running and 15 seconds of walking. I found that this made the running more manageable and allowed me to catch my breath a bit better. I will be playing around with this, but for now I really like it.


On Thursday I worked until about 9:30, which meant that I was definitely unmotivated to head to the gym. Instead, we just had dinner and went for a walk later on. On days like this, I really want to try doing more youtube workouts from blogilates or another fitness guru. We will see how that goes…


Fridays tend to be my days off, so I went to volunteer in the morning and then headed to the gym after dropping Andy off at a Tennis game. I did another 5 minutes of dynamic stretching, 5 minutes of a brisk walk and then started in on another 30 minute run. I did the same 4:1 interval doing one minute of running to fifteen seconds of walking. I felt a lot better after this run than I did on Wednesday, so that was great!

I was also super proud of myself for going to the gym independently. Usually Andy is my main motivator, so it was pretty great that I pushed myself to go it alone.


I worked on Saturday but, again, headed to the gym solo to do some strength training. Right now, my “strength training” is a little pathetic, but I am getting there. I am trying to get down a more organized routine to work on my hips, IT band and knees to help protect them for running. In the past I have had some pain with my IT band, so I really try to do strengthening exercises and stretches to help it out and prevent it  this time around.

I still need to do more core workouts, but for now, this was okay…


Long Run Day!! Finally my first long run in a while. That said, the planned “long run” for today was relatively short. We are starting slow and building up, so our first run was three miles plus 1 mile of warm up and cool down. It was pouring rain all day on Sunday, so we ended up just doing it at the gym, so no fun photos, but it was good for keeping my pace consistent.



Someone had a really bad case of the Mondays….and that person would be me. Had a super long day at work again, so I didn’t go to the gym. Instead I just got more and more stiff as the day went on. Oops.


Tuesday was a good 30 minute run with some core exercises. I am beginning to think that it will never be sunny again though. This is apparently going to the the rainiest February in modern history for our area, which is already really rainy. As of today we will have had 10 inches this month and it is still going. That said, we definitely ran indoors for this.



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