Hawaii Trip Planning 101: How to Save on Booking at Disney’s Aulani Resort

From the moment I found out that Disney was building Aulani, I have wanted to go there. Now, it has definitely been a while since then, but I have finally booked my trip! I wanted to put out a few suggestions, if, like me, you find the cost of rooms prohibitive.

If you look online, even the discounted Aulani rooms are quite expensive. Let alone the summer prices: $640 for a standard view hotel room. Because of that, we decided to do something a little different with our booking.

Now, I am not a fan of time-shares, that said, I am beginning to be a fan of renting the points from them. Disney has its own time-share like program called Disney Vacation Club. People buy into the DVC and get a certain allotment of points based off of what they pay. If they can’t use the points, they then may try to rent them out to other people, which means that you can get reservations at really nice Disney resorts for huge discounts.


Aulani Lobby Entrance (Photo Credit: James Armstrong)

If we booked our room just through the Disney website we would be paying $936 a night. Through the DVC option we ended up only paying $405 per night. Now, these still aren’t cheap, but it is definitely a huge discount!

The tricky thing about the points is that you have to book really far in advance. We booked the room relatively late in the process and that was still 7 months out. Really, we should have booked about 11 months out if possible. You may also want to go through a broker like we did, because otherwise you are really just relying on an individual to uphold the agreement that you made.


Pool View (Photo Credit: Glennia)

We went through David’s Vacation Rentals and had a really good experience with them. They couldn’t get our original request, but worked with us to find something that would fit. Within about a week, they had secured the points and the reservation that we needed.

Of course, we haven’t actually gone on the vacation yet, but so far things seem to have worked out pretty well. Definitely let me know if you have experience with renting DVC points or if you have more questions about this. If it does work out this time around, we will definitely be using them again to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge on our next trip to Walt Disney World.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Glennia


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