December Disneyland Trip 2016: Day 1 and a run in with John Lasseter!!

It is extremely difficult not to visit Disneyland during holiday time, because the decorations, entertainment, and food is so festive and exciting. This year, we went with Andy’s parents and my mom and brother. I am alway leery of traveling with a lot of people to Disneyland mainly because it can lead to extra stress about who wants to do what. This time though the traveling group was so much fun and we planned a lot beforehand to make sure that it would work out with a larger group.

I would definitely suggest that if you go with a group that is larger than four people to really plan ahead. I will be writing up some posts about planning for larger groups, but for now, I will dive into what we got up to on our first day.

We flew to the Anaheim airport early in the morning and stepped foot in Disneyland by 10:00! Our first stop was Fantasyland and who did I randomly see walk past me with a Plaid   in tow… JOHN LASSETER!!


That was certainly a great start to our trip!

We then went to ride Peter Pan’s Flight, Dumbo, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and Snow White before heading over to the Disneyland Hotel for their Holiday High Tea.

I desperately wanted to go to the high tea at the Disneyland Hotel ever since they first mentioned it. I build it up in my head as the best experience that I would have at Disneyland…and is so was!

If you are a tea fan, you have to do this. It was so tranquil and relaxing to sit down to a quiet tea time after spending the morning in a noisy park. Not to mention the food. The food and tea was delicious and definitely covered enough for two meals for how much food there was. Do not just go there thinking it will be a snack.

I could go on, but we actually made a video about the first day that includes the tea, so if you are curious definitely check it out below! I you are interested in doing tea at the Disneyland Hotel plan ahead and reserve a table at as soon as you can make reservations. Also keep in mind that tea takes about two to three hours and will only be held on  Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Also: Sorry about the screen capture for the video. My darling partner chose the picture, so naturally it has me looking completely ridiculous… I wish I could say that wasn’t my natural pose, but lets be real.



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