Training Plan for the Eugene Half Marathon

Part of also being back blogging is that I really need to get back on the ball in order to train for the Eugene Half Marathon. A long time ago, Andy and I registered for the half marathon and then promptly forgot that we registered! Oops!

We wanted to do it again, because it was super fun the first time, even though I hit a wall.
Eugene is a wonderful place to run, and the whole city comes out to cheer the runners on. We also thought that the timing would fit perfectly with our training for summiting Mauna Loa.


I created a training plan for us and put it on the calendar, the only problem is that we never actually started following the plan! Now, we are about 11 weeks out from the race and need to get our butts in gear.

We are semi-following (that is definitely not really a word, but go with me) Jeff Galloway’s run-walk-run method with a few changes to the planned long runs, mainly because we have managed to skip about seven of our planned long runs already. *Definitely do NOT do this at home…

Luckily we have been staying active and running or hiking, but we haven’t been running much over three miles.


Since we are getting such a late start to it, we are planning to take it a bit easier this time around rather than trying to get a PR. We will be using a 4:1 interval where we run for one minute and walk for 15 seconds.

We will still be starting slowly with a three mile long run and will gradually build to a little over 13 miles before tapering down before the race. We are planning on increasing our weekly mileage by no more than 20% each week, so hopefully that will help us to prevent any overuse injuries.

I wish that we could follow one of Jeff Galloway’s full 18 to 20 week plans, because we have loved them in the past, but this will have to do. If you are interested in checking them out just go to the Run Disney site or his own website to download a free plan.

I will try to keep things updated here as to how the training is going…




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