Whole 30 Challenge: Day 7-21…and Failure

If you can’t already tell from the title, I have some bad news… I failed my Whole30. I actually loved the Whole 30 for the most part through day 21. I didn’t feel all that different from how I was feeling before, but I was definitely lighter. After the “failure,” I decided to weigh myself, and I lost about ten pounds. I have actually lost more since then.

I definitely was disappointed that I didn’t complete all 30 days; however, it really wasn’t the end of the world. I had three large things come up in my life, that I felt were more important than not eating dairy or rice. Now, with that said, I didn’t “fall off the wagon.” It was more that I introduced a few things in my diet to make my life easier for the next few weeks.

Will I go back to Whole 30/Paleo? Probably. Having very strict parameters was really freeing. That said, there is a lot of time and planning involved in almost every meal that is not easy when traveling unexpectedly.

My main goal was to kick start getting healthy, eating healthier food, losing weight, and having some lasting impact on my food choices. Did I achieve those? Yes.

So far, so good. I am really thankful to going through the 21 days that I did, and may do a full Whole30 again. The thing that changed the most for me on this, was the fact that I wake up in the morning feeling ready to get up. I no longer feel super groggy from the sugar overload the night before.

I would definitely recommend it, and will take a lot of the lessons that I learned on it with me into my meal planning and prep going forward. As for now, I am limiting the “taboo” foods as much as possible, and still eating as many fruits and vegetables as possible.


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