Whole 30 Challenge: Day One-Six

I decided to start off my 30 Day Challenge on this past Sunday. Due to my amazing lack of early planning, I ended up just having a banana and some cashew butter for breakfast, as I didn’t have enough time to stop by and pick up all of the groceries I needed for the week.

I figured Sunday would be a good day to start, because I have that day off and can prep as well as do more fun things rather than think about food. We ended up going to the zoo and playing TopGolf, which if you haven’t played it…you definitely should! As a side note, we will be filming our next visit there, so you can check it out. Long story short, it is basically a super fancy driving range where you try to land your ball in a bunch of different targets to score points!

Anywho… I figured that these update posts would be organized in a way to really be able to track my food, activity, mood, and overall experience with the program.

Highlights of What I ate:

Breakfast x 6: 1/2 Banana with 1 Tablespoon of Cashew Nut Butter and an egg w/zucchini

Lunch x 6: 1/2 Baked sweet potato, Chicken, Avocado, zucchini and spinach

While I kept my lunches and breakfasts fairly similar, my dinners varied:

Sunday: Chicken with broccoli and green beans

Monday: “Three-cup” (substitute soy for coconut aminos) Steak stir-fry with broccoli

Tuesday: Chicken breasts with roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts

Wednesday: Taco salad with ground turkey, homemade salsa, avocado, romaine lettuce, onions, and green pepper. (This was my fave of the week)

Thursday: Chicken sausage with left-over green veggie stir-fry

Friday: A Salad from Panera with strawberries and chicken without the dressing.


Overall Activity: 

TopGolf (2 hrs. of hitting golf balls, not really exercise, but super fun!)

Walking around the zoo!

Short walks around the neighborhood


9/10–Excited, Energetic, and Ready!

Overall Experience:

I was definitely excited to start. Overall, I have actually been feeling really good. Today I have had a few cravings for sweet, carby treats… but I have resisted! I have been pretty energized all week and haven’t been too tired or moody, which are both symptoms that I know people have experienced. I know that the first few days are supposed to be easier though, so we shall see what future posts bring.







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