Celebrating Birthdays at Disneyland

While I have visited Disney parks for many years, I have never been to the parks exactly on my birthday. On our last trip, I got the chance to actually go to the parks on my birthday, and it actually turned out to be one of the most magical days ever!

First off, I did get a Happy Birthday Button. I only wore it on my actual birthday, and I received so many wonderful happy wishes from cast members and vacationers alike. We also got the chance to eat at Carthay Circle Theater as a celebration. That was so fabulous!!! The food seemed to be relatively traditional American with a twist of Mexican spices and sauces. We ordered a Salted Caramel Pie with Carmel Corn Ice Cream. It was beyond delicious. There was so much food that I was glad we split the dessert, but I secretly wished we had ordered two… The wait staff there were also so accommodating. We asked for a picture together in the restaurant, and he took us out onto a closed balcony to get just the right view of the park behind us.

We didn’t take a lot of video of this day, because we ended up wanting to just relax and enjoy, but we did get our experience with Carthay Circle Theater! Enjoy!


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