Review of Wizarding World of Harry Potter in California and How We Ended Up Spending More Time at Disney…

I was extremely excited to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in California. We got the chance to go to the one in Orlando three years ago. I loved the theming and rides at the Orlando park, because it felt like jumping right into the books and films. This was definitely a huge step forward for Universal.

Unfortunately the land in California was just not as thrilling. Maybe the newness and novelty wore off for me, but I thought the setting was not all-encompassing. You could see outside buildings and the castle didn’t seem as majestic. The ride itself, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, was hurt by the fact that they went and made it 3D.

Now, I know my opinion is not the popular one here, but 3D (when done poorly) really messes with my eyes. I had a hard time focusing on the images and the glasses themselves we painful, because we got jostled around and I bumped into them on the side of my head multiple times. I loved the ride in Orlando, so I was definitely disappointed with this one.


After spending about one to two hours in that land, we rode most of the larger rides. I actually LOVED The Mummy ride; however, screen-based ride, after screen-based ride became pretty boring. We ended up leaving at around 2:30 PM and headed back to Disneyland…

I am curious to know if anyone else had that experience with the 3D, or if you enjoyed the ride more because of it. I felt like most of the reviews we read, talked about how great the whole world was, but didn’t mention the 3D.

Anywho… We filmed our time there…or at least as much as we could. Because most of it was 3D or screen-based, we actually couldn’t film a lot. We ended up getting more of Disneyland than anything else.




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