Disneyland Annual Passes: How we decided to take the plunge!

Well, the title gives it away, but on our last trip to Disneyland we decided to dive in a get annual passes. As a Disney fanatic, I have dreamed of getting an annual pass, but as an Oregonian, I haven’t seen the value. For many people, if you don’t already live near Disneyland, there is no reason to purchase an annual pass. There are only a couple of  instances where it really makes sense:

  1. If you plan on going to Disneyland for more than one extended trip.
  2. If when you are down on multiple trips, you enjoy eating at Disney restaurants or purchasing Disney merchandise.

For us, we decided that this year would be our year to take mainly Disneyland focused trips. We did our June trip this year, and have a longer trip planned in December and then the following May or June. We may even book a couple smaller two-day trips down to Anaheim in the next calendar year to make the most of it.

There are some serious benefits of getting an annual pass if you are planning on traveling there multiple times. With the annual pass we purchased, we get 15% off at most table and counter service restaurants around the resort and 20% off all Disney merchandise.

For example, we splurged and ate at Carthay Circle Theater for my birthday. Based off of our annual passes, we got more than $30 off our total bill.

Before buying our passes, we researched the different types:

  • Disney Deluxe Passport: The entry with this pass is only available on a few days, it excludes most of summer, most weekends, and the winter holiday. You also get 10% off select dining and merchandise. As of the time I write this, it costs $599.00
  • Disney Signature Passport: With this pass, you are able to enter everyday except for two weeks over Christmas and New Year. You also get 15% off on select dining and 20% off on select merchandise. As of the time I write this, it costs $849.00
  • Disney Signature Plus Passport: The only difference between this one and the previous one is that there are no blackout dates for this pass. You get the same discounts.

With all of the passes, you also get all the PhotoPass pictures your heart desires. This will be especially nice when we go with family in the winter. These photos include ride photos and any photos taken with a photo pass camera.

One of the things that I was worried about was how to order them. We ended up going to the kiosk to get them. I really enjoyed that experience and we also got buttons with it that we probably wouldn’t have gotten if we ordered online.

All-in-all I am super content with our decision. It is so cool to have an annual pass, and I can’t wait to reap the benefits this year.

Here is a video of our first day at Disneyland as … ANNUAL PASSHOLDERS!!!


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