Exciting Views at the Portland, OR Bridge Pedal

Last weekend Andy and I rode in the Portland Bridge Pedal. If you have ever been to Portland, OR, then you know that it is a city of bridges. The bridge pedal is a bike ride for charity that has three options. There is a six-bridge option (13 miles), an eight-bridge option (24 miles), and a ten-bridge option (33 miles).

Since I haven’t been riding a lot, we decided to do the easiest, 6-bridge, option. It was a good decision since there are so many uphill parts, but it was definitely worth it. I think that this is one race that we will do every year. The views of the city are unparalleled and it is ridiculously fun getting to ride on a freeway with no cars.

We made a video of the experience, so definitely check it out and I hope to see more people at the Bridge Pedal next year. I hope to do the 33 mile version next year.


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