Visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum and a Walking Tour of San Francisco

We started the second day of our California vacation off with a bang by walking to the Presidio and going to the Walt Disney Family Museum. It has been a dream of mine to go to this museum ever since I heard of its existence. I definitely had high hopes for the museum, and it did not disappoint. I am getting ahead of myself though…

We first walked to the Presidio. Now, I have been to San Francisco before, but I don’t think we spent a ton of time there on our previous vacations. I have to say that this area has to be one of my favorite spots. There is just so much to see and do there. There are also these great picnic grounds around the Presidio. While we were at the museum we could see tons of families and organizations setting up picnics and markets all around.

We were also able to see both Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge from a bench outside the Disney Family Museum.


After looking at such an amazing view, we headed into the Disney Family Museum…


For more coverage of the museum, you can watch the video we made of our visit. It really is an amazingly well done museum. There are so many different things to look at, read, listen to, watch, and interact with that it would take days and days to really get to everything there. That said, you can also spend only a few hours and still get a lot out of it. we ended up spending most of the morning and afternoon there. There are lots of places to sit and rest in the museum as well, but by far the most important seat is the bench from the park that Walt Disney first started thinking about creating a place that both adults and children could enjoy.


After the museum, we walked to Pier 39. It was a somewhat long walk, but it was great to get to see the city that way. I always prefer to walk when we can, and not just because I get really motion sick on busses. Walking gives you such a great glimpse of the city, plus we might have gotten to stop by Ghirardelli to get sundaes! Yum!


Pier 39 was extremely busy, but overall very picturesque, like most of San Francisco. While we looked out onto the bay, we got to see a group of pelicans flying in a line. It was so beautiful.


We ended the day by walking up to the famous windy part of Lombard Street. The walk is definitely steep there, but well worth the walk.


What I thought was especially funny was the huge line of cars waiting to drive down it. If you are visiting and would like to see the street, but don’t care about driving down it, I strongly suggest walking to see it. It looked like the cars were in a really long line to drive down.

After that trek, we decided to keep walking and walked another hour and a half to an amazing pizza place called Little Star. There are a few locations around San Francisco, but I highly recommend it. They feature deep dish pizza that is out of this world. It takes a bit longer to cook, but would be worth the wait. The locations are also a bit out of the downtown area, which is nice, because you get to see a bit more of the city that way.

For more of our day and just of San Francisco in general, check out our vlog of the day:


Any other great highlights of San Francisco that you would recommend? Have you been to the Walt Disney Family Museum? If so, what were your thoughts on it?

I invite you to check out the first day of our trip by clicking here.






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