Lazy Day Adventure #3: We Hike up to Portland’s Downton Abbey (aka. Pittock Mansion)

Portland’s Forest Park hides a lot of gems and covers a tons of ground with trails wandering all over a lush, green forest. On this adventure we hiked up to Pittock Mansion. This house is not only a beautiful, turn of the century mansion, it has one of the best views of downtown Portland in the area.


The hike itself is 5 miles there and back from the Lower Macleay Trail Head. The first half of the hike up takes you along a small creek with mini waterfalls and moss covered stone walls. The next part takes actually takes you up to the house and is more steep than picturesque, but the view at the top is definitely worth it!

This time around we didn’t visit inside the house, but you can definitely do that. The admission is $10 and is worth it if you haven’t been inside before. All in all, it was a great hike and a fun time exploring such a pretty place.


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