Managing Disney Parks Withdrawal 101: Best Disney Podcasts

Part of being addicted to all things Disney, means that you have to do something to help the intense withdrawal between visits to the parks. Luckily, there are a lot of things to help bridge the vast abyss that is non-vacation time. Part of what I do to get my Disney fix outside of the parks is listen to podcasts.

Podcasts are awesome ways to get news, find out new and interesting things about Disney parks and media, and to learn some fun historical details that I didn’t know before. Below are my top three Disney related podcasts.

(As a side note, these podcasts are also great to listen to while on a run!)

I will count down the list, so that my top/favorite podcast will be the last one.


Number Three: The Unofficial Guide Disney Dish Podcast

This podcast is interesting if you are looking for a lot of rare stories about the creation of the parks. Len Testa is an extremely knowledgable guy, who does a great job of narrating the varied and complex history of the Disney company. He also seems like he has ears and eyes out everywhere, because he is also pretty good about mentioning new changes coming to the parks early.

The podcasts tend to be on the shorter side, probably about twenty to thirty minutes on average. Perfect for an average commute to work.

Check it out!


Number Two: The Disney Hipster Podcast

This podcast started me listening to podcasts in general. They have one of the most outspoken and creative takes on the parks. They also helped to influence our planning for any WDW trip. The podcasts are about an hour on average and tend to include explicit language, so it definitely isn’t for kids, but it is definitely fun to listen to. The reason why this isn’t higher is because they have stopped posting as frequently…and let’s face it… I need a consistent fix.

Check it out!


Number One: Disney Coast to Coast Podcast

I love this podcast. It always makes Wednesday a day to look forward to. The podcast is hosted by two lively Disney fans who now both call Disneyland their home park. The podcast covers Disney parks and entertainment news. The average length is about thirty minutes, and really could be longer, because they are so fun and inviting. Their banter keeps the show moving, and you can tell that they are honest about their feelings, but always bring a great love for the parks. I would recommend this podcast to anyone. Tt is family friendly, interesting, and the ultimate fan’s podcast.

Check them out!!

If you know of any other great podcasts about Disney that helps you with trip withdrawal, definitely let me know in the comments!




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