Walt Disney World Trip Report: Day Four

I have taken ages to finish posting the final days of our Walt Disney World trip, but better late than never. For our fourth day, we ended up back at the Magic Kingdom. We got the chance to enter the park early, because we had reservations at the Crystal Palace.

Now, I feel a bit awkward with interacting with meet and greet characters, but I really love the Winnie the Pooh characters. I was really excited about getting to eat here and meet all of the adorable characters from the Hundred Acre Woods.

The other bonus of eating here early was that we got to meet the Mayor!


I love the design of this eatery. The outside of the restaurant is so beautiful and ornate and fits the transition so well between Main Street and Adventureland. It makes me feel a bit like I am going to take an adventure river cruise down the nile wearing in all linen…is it just me?


The food was definitely the usual fare for disney breakfasts, but some of the pastries were better than expected. Plus, let’s face it, we were really there for the characters.


The weather was one of the rainiest days while we were there, as a result, we ended up doing a lot of indoor things like the tiki room, Country Bear Jamboree, and weirdly…splash mountain. We decided that if we were already wet, it didn’t really matter if we got a bit more wet on that ride.

My brother and mom definitely came prepared! Compared to Disneyland, this version of Splash Mountain is pretty tame and definitely a lot less wet.

Once it hit lunch time, we headed over to the Beast’s Castle for lunch at Be Our Guest. I know that many people don’t like this restaurant as much, but I really love the chandeliers, and frankly enjoy getting the chance to eat in such a magical spot.


After lunch, we had to go to the packet pick-up at the ESPN Wide World of Sports. Having never done this before, we made the very incorrect assumption that you could get there from the theme parks. That was definitely not the case. We ended up having to take a bus to a host hotel and then taking a special bus out to ESPN Wide World of Sports.

If your are trying this, definitely leave yourself a lot of time to get there and back. All told it took us about three hours to go there and back from the Magic Kingdom. It was disappointing to waste that much time, but you can’t get that upset while at Disney World!


Once back at Disney World, we spent a good amount of time in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, and ended the night riding the People Mover and looking at the beautiful lights on the castle.



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