Walt Disney World 2016 Trip Report: Day Three


For our third day in the parks, we ended up at, you guessed it, Animal Kingdom. Now, I love Disneyland and believe that this is my favorite park. I have to say that Animal Kingdom is probably my second favorite. I love this park because it is so different and fresh. There is always more to see, they have amazing animals, and fabulous rides.

Luckily while we were there, they still had the Christmas decorations up, so I got to see the cool tree out in front of the park.


Of course, our first ride of the day had to be Expedition Everest. It is probably my second favorite coaster in the disney parks (my favorite is California Screamin’). This ride though is ridiculously picturesque.


After a close escape from the Yeti, we headed over to Killaminjaro Safaris. I love this ride. Everyone says that no ride is the same, and that is definitely the case. The driver we had for this one as well as for the one we had later in the trip were both really great. They provided us with more information than we got the last time we were here. It had also started to rain, so this was a great respite from the damp.


*Side Note: The gorilla and baby were on the Pangani Forest Trail, not the safari, but I thought it would be easier to share all of the animal pictures here…

We continued to explore the park and started earning badges as Wilderness Explorers. I will probably do a separate post to review this awesome game later, but I would definitely recommend doing this if you are planning on spending a day or two at Animal Kingdom. It ensures that you will see and interact with almost everything that the park has to offer.

Once we started getting hungry for lunch, we headed over the Animal Kingdom Lodge: Kidani Village for lunch at Sanaa.

I have been wanting to go to this restaurant for years…I am totally not exaggerating. The bread service alone is worth going all the way to Florida for. This restaurant is wonderful because it is so tranquil, unique, and delicious. You can look out onto the plains and see the animals grazing.

The bread service is really the thing to get here. I would definitely get the option where you get all nine dipping sauces. Each sauce is so different and extremely flavorful. It is a mix of African spices with Indian cuisine. We left very happy and very full. This is a must do every time we go from now on.

Afterwards we went back and visited the Pangani Forest trail and Dino Land, before heading over to Hollywood Studios to see the very last night for the Osborne Family Lights (at least for a while). As we entered, there was a dance party going on, and Andy couldn’t resist…


The Osborne Specticle of Dancing Lights was fun, but I don’t really have the nostalgia for it, as it was also my first time ever seeing them.

The park became more and more crowded as the night wore on, so we ended up eating back at our own hotel. We capped off our third day with a ridiculous brownie that turned out to taste better than I thought it would.



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