Movie Workout Guide #1: The Parent Trap

On a recent trip to the outdated, but nostalgic Suncoast Movie shop, we found an extremely inexpensive copy of The Parent Trap. Now, I enjoy the Hayley Mills version, but I think that most men and women my age have a soft spot for the version with Lindsay Lohan. Some part of me still believes she can turn it around…

Anyway, rather than just watch the movie, we thought we could workout to it by creating a fun workout guide to the show. As a side note, I definitely suggest using a yoga mat if you have one. So here it goes!


The Parent Trap Full-Body Workout

Do 5 Sit-Ups When…

  • Fingers are crossed or a special hand-shake is shared
  • Someone plays a prank on another character
  • A reference to the original Hayley Mills version occurs

Do 10 Jumping Jacks When…

  • A musical montage occurs
  • The possible “step-mother” narrows her eyes
  • The boy who accidentally went to an all-girls camp appears

Do 10 Squats When…

  • The butler does something “wacky”
  • Someone gets wet
  • Any portion of the picture of the two parent’s wedding appears on screen

Do 5 Push Ups When…

  • Someone gets goosebumps
  • It rains uncontrollably
  • Stereotypes about California or London appear

Now, some of these are a bit subjective, so the frequency of some of these may depend on your own desire to get sweaty.

I have to say that I didn’t think the “musical montage” or the “someone gets wet” ones would be as prevalent as they were. This was extremely fun to make and definitely made an otherwise rather intense workout more fun. I will say that this is pretty heavy on the squats, sit-ups, and jumping jacks. If you workout through the whole movie, you will end up doing easily over 80 of most of these, and possibly close to 200 jumping jacks.

My legs are definitely a little tired after this one, but I think I will be doing a few more of these, because it is a good challenge and a fun way to watch a childhood favorite.




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