Diz-Fit #4: Dumbo

For this Diz-Fit, we are onto the fourth main Walt Disney Studio’s animated feature: Dumbo. I did skip The Reluctant Dragon, mainly because I haven’t seen it, and also because I don’t necessarily think people would be that into dressing up into a character that is that obscure. Definitely let me know if I am way off-base and I will add it in.

As for Dumbo, I am not the greatest fan of this movie, but the mother singing “Baby Mine” is just too much for my emotions to handle. As for the overall design of Dumbo, it is actually pretty interesting that so far many of the main characters have had the primary colors as their defining colors. I have no experience with art or cartoons, but I am wondering if there is something there. Are there a lot of protagonists with the same color scheme? Definitely something for me to look into.

That said, choosing to dress up like the character of dumbo lets me introduce my favorite color to wear… GRAY!!!! While it is not that exciting of a color, it is terribly forgiving and a very everyday type of color.

For this outfit, I finally chose clothes that aren’t adidas. Instead I chose mainly Nike apparel for this look. I also have two separate shirt options depending on how colorful someone would want to go. For the pants, I chose a grey nike running capri. With a baby blue sports bra, light red tank and yellow sweatshirt, you are sure to fly just as high as Dumbo ever could… Instead of a black feather, which you can still stick in your nose if you want, I thought that a black headband might make a bit more sense.

To tie the look together, I thought the New Balance Special Edition Dumbo running shoes would tie the whole look together. I haven’t really wanted any of the special edition runDisney shoes until I saw these. They are soooooo cute!


I am looking forward to getting to Bambi next week, because I will finally be able to step away from the primary colors!


Photo Credit: Florie Lauwaet

*Featured Image Photo Credit: Stefanie Seskin


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