What I Eat In a Day: The Unhealthy Edition

I have been enjoying reading and watching some food diary type blogs, and thought that it would be an interesting way to take a look at my overall eating habits. As I said previously, I have been working on eating a balanced diet, meaning balanced macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fats) not to mention lots of good, nutrient dense foods to go along with it.

Now, with all of that said, I have had a tough couple of weeks, and as an emotional eater, I definitely have a tough time sticking to any diet when I feel stressed. I thought I would use this to post a less-than-healthy day and then try to show a healthier one on my next post. At least that way, it is realistic…

During work days, I have such a tough time getting ready and eating before I have to leave, so I usually just bring my breakfast to work. This morning I had a banana, Special K Protein granola bar, and a half-sweet, non-fat vanilla latte from Dutch Bros. I like almost any cafe, but I have been enjoying Dutch Bros. lately, because the drinks are a bit cheaper and I LOOOVE the little sayings on the lids. They really brighten my morning. IMG_4125

Breakfast Summary

Calories: 329

Carbs: 61

Fat: 4

Protein: 15

Sugar: 37

For lunch, I have been trying to save money, and bring it. That said, during the morning rush, it is a bit tricky to make anything that fun. So, we are stuck with a PB & J. I know… This may be the most boring food diary ever, but I have to be honest.

That said, I do love this new peanut butter and low-sugar preserves from Trader Joe’s:

I also managed to have two cuties. Those are ridiculously addictive.

Lunch Summary

Calories: 365

Carbs: 60

Fat: 8

Protein: 16

Sugar: 27

Of course, once the afternoon rolls around, I usually hit a major coffee craving. Usually I can stay strong, but today…I failed. Instead, I decided I had to have a caramel macchiato (my personal favorite). This drink can really pack a punch. I usually just get one pump of vanilla, because they typically put four pumps in, which is a ton of sugar. Plus, most people get it mainly for the caramel, and I try to save where I can! Also, if I hadn’t gone to get coffee, I wouldn’t have come across this cute dog!

Snack Summary

Calories: 190

Carbs: 35

Fat: 1

Protein: 11

Sugar: 1

After a day of questionable food decisions, I ended it with dinner out at one of my favorite restaurants, Fire on the Mountain. We always get the garlic knots, because they are definitely the best breadstick-like thing ever. Plus, you get queso and marinara for dipping. For the main, I always get a chicken salad, with ranch dressing, so good, but it almost defeats the point of getting a salad, because it has so much delicious sauce.

 Dinner Summary

Calories: 739

Carbs: 69

Fat: 27

Protein: 48

Sugar: 25

Now, no day of unhealthy eating is complete with a little sweet to end the evening. For this, I chose some easter faves: Mini Robin Eggs. I like whoppers, but these are like ten times better!


Here are the totals for the day, including the late night sweet. As a side note for the totals, my calorie intake is relatively high, because of the fact we are working out quite a bit and are trying to have a macronutrient balance…that said, it only works, if your macros are balanced…

Day’s Goals vs. Day’s Totals

Calories: 1700 vs. 1713

Carbs: 191 vs. 242

Fat: 47 vs. 42

Protein: 128 vs. 90

Sugar: 56 vs. 120

Definitely not a great eating day, but the food was delicious. Now, tomorrow is another day, so here’s to hoping I will get back on that band wagon and get back to eating a ton more protein and a lot less sugar.


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