Disney’s Strange Films Related to St. Patrick’s Day

Caution: This post contains some pretty weird movies.

I don’t know why Disney has such an interesting relationship with Irish culture. There is a mix of fascination and complete misunderstanding. I have included three “great” movies to watch today to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I cringe to think about what people from Ireland think about these movies, but St. Patrick’s Day in general is celebrated more in the US than in Ireland (at least I think…).


The first movie is Luck of the Irish. This movie is the most modern of the three I have on this list. It is about a boy who is always lucky, but then loses a lucky, family charm and learns that he is descended from a family of leprechauns. It only gets weirder from there. Luckily this movie is slightly self-aware and does have some actual funny moments. While you may be laughing more at the movie than with the movie, it is still a fun way to celebrate. It is also a great time-capsule of the early 2000s…frosted tips anyone?



The next movie is called The Fighting Prince of Donegal…  It is the classic story of an Irish nobleman escaping from imprisonment by an English viceroy. He then incites rebellion against the English. To be honest, I skipped watching this one… it just didn’t seem that exciting; however, based off of the pictures, it definitely has some whimsy and craziness to it. If you have seen it, or choose to see it over this holiday, let me know your thoughts!


Finally, what is, in my opinion, the best St. Patrick’s Day movie: Darby O’Gill and the Little People. All I really need to say about this is young Sean Connery:



The movie itself, matches the zany norm for all Disney movies about Irish culture. An older man challenges the King of the Leprechauns. Romance and comedy ensue. Check this out, as it is definitely a lesser known Disney movie.



As a side note, there is a Little Golden Book about a Leprechaun called Little Man of Disneyland. His tiny house is actually in Adventureland in Disneyland. Definitely go check it out the next time you are there. It is tucked away and relatively hard to find, but well worth the hunt!


Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!



  1. bravelittlerunner · March 17, 2016

    I loved The Luck of the Irish when I was younger. They always played it on the Disney Channel back in the day. Lol. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • musingsonthemouse · March 18, 2016

      I definitely remember watching it on the Disney Channel too. Fun times! Hope you have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

      Liked by 1 person

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