Running Update #7: The Dreadmill Long Run

If you read my post about my training plan, then you know that I just ran an 11-mile long run. Since I am getting up there in my miles, I thought I would post a bit more about my experience with these. I have been trying with a variety of fueling strategies for these longer runs, from having some type of solid foods, to gels, to no food. I really don’t do well with much of it. My stomach just hasn’t been able to deal with the gels. This time around though, I tried tootsie rolls… Not too bad, as they are just pure sugar. They ended up being super easy on my stomach, and I could suck on it while running. Plus it is super portable. I think I will try it on my next run.

Now back to the actual run…


We (Andy and I) had planned to go running outside, but as our area was on a storm warning, we decided to do the long run at the gym. I have never run for that long on a treadmill, and wouldn’t recommend it unless you really have to.


Photo Credit: Stephen Herron

The pros of the treadmill:

  1. I liked how it kept me at a consistent pace. It was interesting to feel that, because I know that I tend to go up an down quite a lot with my pace.
  2. Movies… I ended up watching a good chunk of Prefontaine. Running movies are really great to pass the time while actually running.
  3. No rain, it was nice that I was able to stay dry while it was pouring outside.
  4. Having unlimited water without having to carry it.

The cons of the treadmill:

  1. It is still mind numbingly boring. The scenery doesn’t change, and I definitely miss the wind.
  2. The run is just not the same. I usually run with an some incline, but it definitely doesn’t match the same difficulty as running outside.
  3. Heat. It was super hot in the gym, and I feel like I really do well in colder weather. My face got super red towards the end of the run.
  4. Timing on the treadmill. I had to break up the run, because the max run you could program was for sixty minutes. I did two sets of sixty minute runs, but having to stop the treadmill and restart was a bit troublesome. Plus,we were definitely the sweatiest people in there.

I might have had a Subway after the run… I am liking the new rotisserie chicken they have.



*Featured Image Photo Credit: Brave Heart


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