Walt Disney World 2016 Trip Report: Day Two

For our second day in the parks we headed, like most do, to the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow (EPCOT). Of course, our first ride had to be, a personal favorite, Living with the Land! It was the first time for my mom and my brother. I think that they were pleasantly surprised by this ride. It is super interesting and fun, especially once you head into the greenhouses. I have always wanted to go on the Behind the Seeds Tour there, but because time was precious, we had to save it for a different trip.



After the Land pavilion, we headed over to The Living Seas pavilion. The Nemo ride here pales in comparison to the submarines, but Bruce was there!




We then headed to Club Cool. Now this was one of my favorite things the last time we went there. I loved the Kinley soda available amongst others, and it was a refreshing treat on a hot day. I have to say that I don’t like the new flavors as much, but free soda is always appreciated.


On our way we managed to buy a little bling for our magic bands. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about magic bands, but I really enjoyed them. They definitely made it easy to move around the park, and ended up being a fun souvenir of the trip. This is our Power Ranger Magic Band pose.


Once noon rolled around our tummies started grumbling and we headed over to the Great Britain pavilion to have some fish and chips. I wasn’t expecting too much, but they were delicious. I was actually surprised at how delicious they were. They tasted more fresh than most fish and chips and weren’t totally greasy.

After a super filling lunch, we decided to shop it off. The Twinings Tea cottage was particularly adorable and there were some great knickknacks in there.


After exhausting all of Great Britain, we decided to go to the continent! Ah! Paris! C’est magnifique! I especially love the movie here. The music is beautiful and the film, while older, seems timeless and romantic.


While the film is great, the new ice cream shop there is even better. We didn’t really try a ton of the different ice cream flavors. Instead, over the span of a few days, we ended up having a few of these amazing ice cream macaroons.


They tend to have two flavors available, one is chocolate, which seems relatively permanent, and the other is a seasonal one. This time around it was strawberry. While the strawberry was super sweet, it was probably my favorite of the two, but they were both amazing and special. I always like to enjoys treats on trips that I couldn’t get at home.

After getting our sugar fix, we headed to Morocco. The last time we were here, we kept starting in Mexico, so when we would get to Morocco, we were usually too tired to really look around. This time around though we took quite a bit of time exploring. The shops aren’t really my thing here, but the museum is pretty interesting and the architecture is wonderful.

This picture was taken after realizing that I had lost my phone and being lucky enough to recover it. I had Andy call it to see if we could find it in my bag, and a worker in the France pavilion answered the phone! It was so nice of her to answer and help us get it back. I was certainly happy and it shows here:

After that fright, I needed some caffeine. I ordered a special espresso drink there with nutmeg and cinnamon. It was super strong, and while I am not sure if I would order it every time, it was fun to try.


Once in Japan, we got a chance to watch the drummers there. They were really impressive. The drums were huge, almost as large as their biceps! The only silly thing, I thought, was the fact that their outfits are super 90s. I don’t have a huge issue with that, in fact, I thought it was a cool flashback. I did think it makes it look a bit dated though…


Notice the teal sweat band and power, pink scrunchie…


The last time we visited, we didn’t explore the Italy pavilion at all, this time around we looked around a bit and managed to time it perfectly to see the flag dancing performance.



We then headed to the Germany pavilion and played the Agent P game there. I like that section of the game quite a bit, and remembered it from last time. We didn’t get anything at the carmel store there though, because we wanted to get a treat in Norway.

The Norway pavilion has a great bakery there. This time around, we tried the almond pretzel. It was so delicious that this duck was determined to get some too, but we didn’t share… (as a side note, don’t feed birds, they shouldn’t eat bread).


We explored the China pavilion and watched the acrobats there. They were really cool, and I have no idea how they do it on such hard ground. We also saw the film there, which on comfy feet was way more enjoyable than last time when my feet felt like they were going to fall off.

We meandered to the Mexico pavilion and rode the refurbished ride there and then headed to the San Angel Inn Restaurante for dinner. I was really looking forward to the dinner. The food was delicious, but let’s face it, the real reason for eating there is the ambiance. The only thing that I hadn’t realized was just how dark it would be, so there aren’t really any pictures. If you do go there, I would get the Chicken Mole. It was delish!


On our way out, the lights illuminating the fountains and Spaceship Earth were so beautiful. A perfect end to our second day.






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