Diz-Fit #3: Fantasia

There are tons of scenes to choose from in Fantasia. I happen to really love the ballet scene between the hippos and crocodiles… or are they alligators? Again, I went a bit subtle with this, but tried to match the beautiful tannish color of the hippo and mixed in a bit of ballet. I loooove the look of ballet clothes, especially all of the cool wraps, so I had to add that in. I have dropped the recipe idea off of this, because I really haven’t had time to make any. As it is super boring to read a recipe without pictures, I will have to either save it for another time, or just give up the idea.

As for this outfit, surprise, surprise…I ended up picking out more Stella McCartney for Addidas options. Those clothes are just too cute. I picked a subtle ballet pink for the pants, a light brown tank, slightly pinker, knit shoes, and a pink ballet sweater wrap for post-workout. You could add a hair bow to this ensemble easily and make it even cuter.

*Featured image credit: Loren Javier



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