Zootopia Review


I just thought I would put it out there before getting into the smaller details. I was already really excited to see this movie. For most Disney films I try to keep my expectations low, but I usually don’t enjoy the first time I see it, because I am picking it apart from the very beginning. It usually isn’t until the second or third watch that I start to relax and enjoy it.

I tried to keep my expectations low for this movie; however, by the time we were walking into the theater I was secretly hoping that this movie was going to be amazing. Anything with adorable animals, a good mystery, and a really important message is totally my jam!

I will not give any spoilers right now, but I have to say that the environments created for all of the different animals were so imaginative. I laughed quite a bit, definitely more than I expected, and the animals were beyond adorable.

One of the reasons I was nervous to see this movie was because I had heard that it had a great message about social justice, racism, and the role of law enforcement. I have to admit that I was nervous that Disney took off too large of a bite. They have tried to tackle difficult historical and social topics before and failed massively (Pocahontas, I am thinking of you). With some exceptions though, this movie really manages to tackle these tricky topics without glossing over important and powerful issues. As a fan, I have never been more proud of this company. Please keep making movies of this caliber! This is one of the first times with the exception of some Pixar movies (for example Wall-E, though this did have so much sizism), that Disney seems to have really taken the opportunity they have to impact society and use it for good.

This is definitely a must see, and is probably in my top five Disney movies of all time, at least for now…


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