Diz-Fit #2: Pinocchio

Alright, the second movie in the line-up has some of the cutest characters and possible outfit combos, but the storyline is a bit hodgepodge for me. Bizarre story or no, this adorable Italian puppet lends much to the imagination when it comes to possible outfit combos. If you are wondering what I mean by “Diz-Fit” check out my first post about it here.

Now, I am not of doing an exact replica, but there has to be a hat in this ensemble, or it is just not Pinocchio.

This is probably more of a post-workout outfit rather than a real running outfit, but I think it would be super comfy. There are knitted hats that are actually meant to look exactly like Pinocchio’s, which would be the most fun, but since I can’t knit, a yellow one will have to do… As for the recipe, I haven’t had time to make one, so I will have to post one later this week with pictures, but I will leave you with the name I created, which was inspired by the seaside Italian cuisine Gipetto and Pinocchio might have had (except for the fact that the only fish I like is salmon, so I did that instead). So, be ready for the recipe,  Salmon di Monstro, to be posted soon!



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