Walt Disney World 2016 Trip Report: Day One

In January we, Andy and I, went back to Disney World, but this time we went with my mother and brother. It was my mom’s second time (though she hadn’t been there since the 90’s) and my brother’s first time! It was so wonderful to get to share this with them. The main reason for the trip was both to have fun but also to do the Walt Disney World Half-Marathon. We managed to do both on this trip.IMG_3428

We started the trip, like most people, at the Magic Kingdom. We had to watch the Opening Show of course. I had to keep from tearing up due to excitement!


Our first stop was Peter Pan’s Flight. We meant to head to the Mine Train and then the Winnie the Pooh ride, but the line for the mine train was already at 45 minutes, and we had fast passes for it later in the day. We decided to head to Peter Pan’s Flight, which was a great decision, because we got to see the new queue. It was so interactive, cute, and fun!

The queue takes you through the Darling house. You wander through the back yard, the family rooms and hallways, and then finally through the Darling children’s bedroom. There are tons of interactive touches here as well as great portraits of the family members on the wall. Personally, I am a huge fan of Nana.

After Peter Pan’s Flight, we headed over to Small World. I have a very special spot in my heart for this ride, because I am a huge Mary Blair fan and love the ride’s placement in Disneyland. That said, the Walt Disney World version is just not that great. The fact that it loads inside really cheapens the ride. That said, it was still really fun.


We went to the Haunted Mansion next and walked around to Frontierland to ride Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain. I like Splash Mountain in Disneyland much better, but it is nice that you do not get as wet on this version. Thunder Mountain is one of my very favorite coasters. It is thrilling but also pretty gentle. I love the theming as well.

After all of the rides, we split up for a bit and Andy and I went to do the Pirate Adventure game in Adventureland.

IMG_3447.jpgI will do a separate review of this game, but spoiler alert: we loved it! The maps that you get are super cute and each adventure is pretty quick. It is a much better game than Sorcerers of the Magic Kindom for people who are just visiting for a week. We started one of the adventures and then toured the Swiss Family Treehouse.



After the treehouse, we headed back to the main hub to watch the castle show. I love the design of the new hub. It is so much easier to navigate. We also got to sit on the grasslike areas to watch Wishes later on, which was super cool.

I know that the castle show is super dated, but I love the cheesy music, costumes and dancing. The enthusiasm of the dancers is wonderful and it brings back so much nostalgia for the 90s. I know that they will be putting out a new show in April, and I am excited for that, but I will really miss this castle show and will forever have play the music proudly.


After the show we watched Mickey’s Philharmagic, rode the tea cups, and wandered around Fantasyland before our dinner reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Although we were a group of four adults, Cinderella’s Royal Table was still great fun and definitely a must when visiting for the first time. Who wouldn’t want to eat in the actual castle! I was a little apprehensive about meeting with the princesses, but it was really fun and they were all so nice! The food was also pretty delicious, though I forgot to take photos of it.

After dinner, we spent some time in Tomorrowland and ended the night watching Wishes! Although we went after Christmas, it was great to see the beautiful lights on the castle. It was a fabulous end to our first day.







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