Running Update: The Plan Ahead

After finishing the WDW Half-Marathon, we definitely took a week off to recuperate and recover. It ended up being a good idea, as we all had major vacation withdrawal. I don’t know if I have ever been ready to go home on a vacation, but this one was really tough.

After the week though, we knew that we needed to get back into gear and start training for the races ahead. I will go into our training plan in another post, but I thought that I would go over the plan for the rest of the year, since I am definitely getting excited for the events ahead.

Event 1: The Eugene Half-Marathon


Why wouldn’t we want to run in our hometown, where we get to end our run on the historic, Hayward Field. I feel like all of my runs in Eugene have been super strong and fun, so I am really looking forward to this. We are also really training for this race and are hoping for a major time improvement from the Portland Half.

Event 2: The Butte to Butte 10K

2015-B2B-Logo_fullAgain, we are going back to our hometown for this 10K. We have wanted to run this race for over five years. Some years we just didn’t train, or when we were trained for it, we ended up being on a different trip. This year we are making sure that we can make it for this race. It is a local favorite, as it runs from the areas around Spencer’s Butte to the bottom of Skinner’s Butte in Eugene. There is a pretty large uphill in the beginning, which will be a great challenge for us. Plus, I love to 10K distance, so this should be really enjoyable. It will be nice to take a bit of time off of training for half-marathons to focus on shorter distances and speed over endurance.

Event 3: Hiking South Sister

interior - 3 sisters.jpg

We have also talked about hiking South Sister for quite a few years, but this summer is the summer! I am really excited for this one, as it will probably be the biggest hike I have been on. I also think that hiking really helps my running overall as it really helps build strength. All of the times we have been hiking consistently (mostly in the summer) I have noticed an improvement with my running as well.

Event 4: Avengers Half-Marathon!


Andy and I were trying to find one more half-marathon to fill out the year. At first we thought that we might do the Disneyland Half, but our schedules didn’t work with it. Then we thought that we might do the Portland Half again, but again our schedules wouldn’t work with it. Finally, in order to get our Coast-to-Coast medal, we thought we would do the Avenger’s Half. Our schedules match up with it, the theme sounds like fun, and it is another excuse to go to Disneyland. I just hope that we can get in when registration opens up.

Just writing this up is getting me pretty excited! I can’t wait to participate in these awesome events.



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