Marvel’s Agent Carter Two-Hour Special Review

I didn’t think that I would get that into movies and television shows based off of comic books so much, but it turns out I love them! I ran through all of the Marvel movies first and then turned to the television shows. The television shows like Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Jessica Jones are super addictive for me. I have enjoyed all of the shows with the exception of Daredevil. For some reason I had the most difficult time getting into that one even though I got through about half the season before having to give up.

This post though is on Agent Carter. If you haven’t started watching this, then you are definitely missing out. This Tuesday ABC ran a two-hour special for the series, while it wasn’t the season finale, a lot happened… Here are a few rambling thoughts on this busty heroine and her exploits.

I have to preface these thoughts with the fact that I have not read any comic books, so they are focused on just the television show.


General thoughts on the season so far…

  1. I love Haley Atwell.


    Photo Credit: ABC Photo Stream

  2. LOVE setting this season in 1950s Hollywood!! The fashions are super fun.
  3. Good storyline with femme fatale Whitney Frost, though I have been missing last season’s main villain, Dottie Underwood.
  4. The addition of Jason Wilkes, a scientist who is also the first major character who is black. I only wish that he and Peggy had a bit more chemistry. I also feel like while they deal with Peggy’s precarious position in society as a female secret agent, there hasn’t been as much discussion of race with Jason’s character as a scientist…that is until the last episode. I am sure there is more to talk about with this, but I am trying to keep things shortish…

Okay, now onto the newest episodes from Tuesday…

  1. I absolutely hate the silly ways the villain, Whitney Frost, tries to hide her growing scar.


    Photo Credit: superherohype

  2. Yay!! Dottie Underwood is back and free.
  3. I seriously love the connection between Dottie and Peggy. The writers have really created a complex, love/hate relationship between these two characters.
  4. Does anyone else find Ana Jarvis’ accent grinding?
  5. The contraption that Jason Wilkes builds is seriously silly. How does he expect to live in there for longer than like ten minutes?
  6. Please don’t have Peggy and Daniel Sousa end up together, he is so bland.
  7. I am constantly surprised at how great Chad Michael Murray is in this show, since he was awful in One Tree Hill (though that show in general was possibly one of the worst shows ever).


    Photo Credit: ABC Photo Stream 

  8. Why have blonde women been the villains. Even Dottie has brown hair once she sides (ever so slightly) with Agent Carter. There might be some bias going on..Just saying…
  9. While I like Jarvis as a lighter and comedic character, I think that they ham him up a bit too much sometimes.
  10. I think Ana Jarvis is not long for this world. She will probably survive this, but there seems to be possible romantic undertones between Agent Carter and him. I may be reading all of this wrong. They could just be really close friends, but we shall see.

I can’t wait until next Tuesday!!





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