Skipper Canteen Review

This review is certainly not the first on the internet, but I thought that I would post my thoughts on this new restaurant. On our latest trip to Walt Disney World we lucked out and got a chance to try out Skipper Canteen while it wasn’t taking online reservations.

We initially decided to try it because we missed a chance to try the waffle fries, and it was our last day in the parks…IMG_3966

We definitely got a chance to turn that frown upside down once we headed over to Skipper Canteen. Now, I have read a ton of reviews by people who loved the interior design and theming, but who thought the food was just not that great. Spoiler Alert: I couldn’t disagree more. While the food could probably be a bit spicier and even more edgy, it was still delicious and is a great addition to the options at Magic Kingdom.

The initial waiting area is really cute, and throughout the restaurant there are tons of references to the Jungle Cruise.

There are three main eating areas: the Private Club, the family dining room, and the main canteen area. We got a chance to eat in the family dining room, which was beautiful. The lights are stained glass parrot chandeliers. When you are seated, your host tells you the story behind Skipper Canteen. The antics and jokes that people love about the Jungle Cruise are also a huge part of the dining experience here.

But now, the food…

For starters they give you a loaf of bread (sorry I forgot what kind of bread it was) along with spiced honey. It is a delicious combination!

I forgot to take a picture of the appetizer that we had, but we ordered the House-Made Arepas, which are corn cakes with black beans, slow-cooked beef, and queso fresco. Now, I had made Arepas before at home, but these were AMAZING. I would definitely suggest getting this, because every bite was filled with flavor.

For the mains, I had a Thai Style Hot Pot, which was a noodle and broth bowl with chiles, mint and limes. I picked to add chicken to it, but there are other protein options as well. It was pretty great, but it probably could have been a bit spicier. Andy got the Tastes Like Chicken Chicken, which was basically a chicken teriyaki stir-fry. The sauce for that was great, and it tasted pretty fresh, and in general I would say that all of the food here tasted super fresh, which for a theme park, is pretty hard to find.

For dessert, we ordered the Kungaloosh, which is a molten chocolate cake with salted caramel ice cream, caramelized banana, and whip cream. It was soooooo good, but I would suggest getting more than one, because you will not want to share this deliciousness!

I don’t know when we will be headed back to WDW, but when we do, I know we will want to have a reservation at this restaurant. I would give it top marks for service, food choice, and ambiance. It is more expensive, but definitely worth the price.


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