Valentine’s Day Special: Most Romantic Quick Service Options at Disneyland Resort

I desperately wish that we could go to Disneyland every weekend, but I think that I would especially enjoy going on Valentine’s Day. That said, I have never been on this particular holiday.

While I am sure that it is very crowded and doing table service would be the best option for eating in the parks, I thought it would be interesting to look at the quick service options available for Valentine’s Day. The restaurants on this list would qualify as either quick service or bar service (if that is such a thing).

  • The Cove Bar — To start things off, I thought I would start with a romantic bar for the evening. The Cove Bar overlooks the Paradise Pier area and might be a relatively tranquil area to relax and enjoy the beautiful lights reflected on the water. Valentine’s Day may also be the only day I would be willing to pay the $10 cover charge to get to sit there during World of Color. The lobster nachos are also a must! ($$$)

Photo Credit: Loren Javier


Photo Credit: Loren Javier


  • Rancho Del Zocalo — This is another option for the evening. I wouldn’t suggest that it is that romantic during the day; but at night, when the beautiful, multicolored lights glow throughout the al fresco seating area, romance fills the air. Plus, the heat of some jalapeños will get anyone in the mood for a spicy evening! ($$)

Photo Credit: Chris Alcoran


Photo Credit: Chris Alcoran

  • Mint Julep Bar — For some this choice may sound a bit silly or bizarre, but hear me out… Nothing beats sharing a messy bag of beignets covered in powdered sugar with the one you love. If you time it right you can devour these pillowy delights while listening to the Jambalaya Jazz Band and sitting on a sun dappled bench nearby. This would bring out the romance in any Disneyphile.  ($)
False advertisement =(

Photo Credit: Loren Javier


Photo Credit: Loren Javier

I am sure that there are many more restaurants that spark romance at the Disneyland Resort, but these have got to at least be in the top ten…

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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