Disneyland Trip Report: An Impromptu Trip (Part 3)

This is the second part of our day when we went to DCA. For our morning in Disneyland feel free to check out Part Two.

After lunch at the Hungry Bear, we headed over to Disney’s California Adventure. i had heard about these ice cream bars from Clarabelle’s Ice Cream Parlor, so we had to check them out. You have your choice of ice cream base (vanilla or chocolate) then the type of chocolate dip (milk or dark), and finally you get to choose the toppings. We picked a vanilla ice cream base dipped in milk chocolate with chocolate chips and Mickey sprinkles. I don’t know if I have ever had that much sugar in my life! It was amazing, but even splitting it between the two of us, we couldn’t finish it completely. I am not much of a sprinkle person, but these ones were the best part of he whole thing. They had a fabulous crunch with the chocolate. I would recommend getting this, but definitely splitting it between two to four people. It was also pretty pricey, so that is another great reason to split it.
IMG_3056 After our ice cream break, we headed over to do Animation Academy and to watch the Pixar Play Parade. I always love doing Animation Academy where you get to draw popular Disney characters. The atrium area where you wait is amazing and the instruction is pretty good, or at least good enough so that you end up drawing something that looks faintly like a Disney character.

As far as the Pixar Play Parade, I know that it is less popular, but I really have a great time here, especially when it is hot out as they squirt water out at the audience.


IMG_3073 IMG_3069 IMG_3068  IMG_3061 IMG_3057

After the parade, we headed over to Cars Land. I know this will probably go against most people’s feelings, but I miss Luigi’s Flying Tires. We got the chance to go during the opening week when they still had beach balls out around the cars. I think that taking the balls away definitely hurt the fun of the ride, but it seemed like everyone was laughing and enjoying the experience. With the balls gone, it certainly isn’t the same, but it seems like they should have played around a bit more with the ride before throwing in the towel. Since Luigi’s was gone, we rode Radiator Springs’ Racers and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree.


We always try to do something different every time we go, so this time around we wanted to try out Carthay Circle Lounge. I had been hesitant about trying it, because it seemed expensive. This time around though I guess I just didn’t care…which is probably a bad thing. We didn’t try the restaurant, but decided to do the lounge and appetizers, and let me say, it was so great! The atmosphere is so relaxed and calm. It is a wonderful escape from the hubbub of the parks. The 1920s/30s design of the lounge is also so elegant and fun. There are tons of pictures of Walt Disney’s early history in Hollywood.

IMG_3082             IMG_3085

I got an Arnold Palmer and Andy got a soda. For appetizers, we got the Queso Fundido with chips as well as some flavorful “Tostaditas” with mole verde braised pork cheeks. The tostaditas were delicious, but the Queso Fundido seemed to be the best bang for your buck as we split it between the two of us and still only got through about half of it. Overall, I will be coming here every trip from now on and we are even thinking of trying the restaurant.


After eating our appetizer dinner, we headed to see the lights turn on in Cars Land at sunset and then headed back over for Paint the Night and the Disneyland Forever Fireworks. I could probably watch Paint the Night all the time, it was fabulous. I definitely recommend checking it out in person, but there are also tons of videos of it on youtube. It is just so spectacular and different from anything I have really seen in a parade.


All in all a fabulous day, and we still had one more to go!


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