Running Update #2: Portland Expo Day

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I was surprisingly busy at work and extremely tired from the half-marathon on Sunday. Now, I am recuperated and ready to share all the fun times we had last weekend. It all started Friday morning when I got a chance to try my new hand creme…


I was definitely getting a very fall vibe with the crisp weather returning. I got a chance to wear all of the knitted things I own, and we headed out to breakfast before the expo.


If you are ever in the Portland area, you should definitely try Slappy Cakes. It is a fun restaurant and creates pretty fabulous pancakes. The premise behind it is that you get to make your own. you sit at a griddle with your table mates and get to flip your own flapjacks. Now, I know that I can make pancakes at home, but their batter is AMAZING (especially the peanut butter), they provide tons of fabulous mix-ins and toppings, and you don’t have to wash up. That last part may be the most important thing for me!



Every time we come here we get more and more adventurous with the types of pancake shapes we make. I was pretty proud of the Tribute to Oregon pancake I made (yes, that is the full pancake title) in the shape of the state. I decorated from blueberries, nuts, and bananas. Delish!


Andy was not to be outdone by me though and made one in the shape of a house.


I think my favorite pancake though had to be the cat face I tried to make. While it didn’t completely work out, it is the thought that counts.


After our pancake adventure, we headed over to the Portland Marathon Expo to pick up our bibs. Since this was our first big race, neither Andy nor I had ever been to an expo. I had read about the Disney ones on the various other blogs I follow, so I had a general idea. Unfortunately I think that the Disney expos have to be much larger than normal, because the Portland one definitely seemed smaller.


There were a few shoe stores and clothing vendors there along with people giving food samples, but there really weren’t a ton. I was not interested in buying Portland Marathon Half gear before the race in the event that for some reason I didn’t finish. I have to apologize that this is really the only picture that I took of the whole expo, because there just wasn’t a lot there. I did take a pick of the starting corrals and the finishing area.



While the expo left a bit to be desired, we did decide to walk around downtown to find our starting area as well as to take a look at where we would be finishing. At this point I got really excited about the race and could actually start to visualize finishing. Below is a picture of the finishing area…


That night we finished our last run before the race. I took it pretty easy to make sure that I could have fresh legs for the race. I really couldn’t believe that we actually made it to race day!



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