Trip Report: An Impromptu Trip (Part 2)

After our whirlwind trip from PDX to LAX and then downtown Disney the night before, we were up early to rope-drop the parks! While our first picture was of the ever-majestic Matterhorn Mountain, we actually started in Fantasyland. We were hoping to start with Peter Pan’s Flight, but, as per usual, the wait time for that ride was already 50 minutes. I feel like the wait-time for that is always 45-60 minutes…. Instead we did Snow White’s Scary Adventures, Mr. Toad’s, and Pinocchio.

Then, we headed over to the Matterhorn to see the new abominable snowmen. I would say yeti, but I thought that was mainly from the East? Is that actually the case? Whatever they are called, they were definitely scary and impressive. I think my favorite was when the monster tries to break through the ice.

IMG_3006IMG_3008After our snowy adventure, we headed to Adventureland and went on one of my very favorites: the Jungle Cruise. For the last two years we have been visiting during December, so we haven’t been on the regular Jungle Cruise for a while.


While we were on the cruise, we sat next to a family (no surprise). The little girl though had a really difficult time staying sitting down, which is also not a huge surprise on this cruise, but her family was REALLY not watching her. At one point, right before the Piranhas pop up, she stood up, leaned over the edge and tried to put her hand in the water. Andy had to pull her back as her family hadn’t noticed. Luckily she was not eaten… but seriously!


After adventuring so hard, we needed a snack. Now, we have been to Disneyland a bunch, but for some reason I have never had the beignets at The Mint Julep Bar. I have had the fake Mint Julep…it is definitely an acquired taste that was not for me, but the beignets are a whole other story!!


They were delicious! We sat down to eat them and because Disneyland is just perfect, the band there started playing right as we sat down. Definitely one of many magical moments on this trip. The only downside to this tasty treat was the possible powdered sugar accidents that can happen…and did happen to Andy. He ended up with his whole front powdered white, but all-in-all it was totally worth it.


For the rest of the morning we toured around Critter Country (my favorite area of the park) and Frontierland and then headed to lunch at Hungry Bear Restaurant.


Whenever we tour the parks, we usually stop at Hungry Bear for our first lunch. It has become a nice tradition both for the food and for the quiet time. The restaurant seems relatively busy toward the front, but walking either downstairs or towards the back part of the porch leads to nice relaxing locations away from the hustle and bustle of the park. It also offers a great view of the Mark Twain passing by. It is also the home of my favorite sandwich: the fried green tomato sandwich with jicama slaw. Too good!



After lunch, we headed over to DCA…but that is for another post. To see the first part of our trip, feel free to click here.


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