Running Update 1: Portland Half Marathon Edition


Photo Credit: Brian Boyd

Andy and I concocted a great plan to do the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in January. We were inspired by Adam Rucker’s youtube videos that document his races for both the half and full marathon, along with the fact that we wanted to get in better shape.  Since we have never run a half-marathon, we thought it might be a good idea to prove to ourselves that we could do one before attempting one in Disney World. As a result, we signed up for the Portland Half Marathon. We have been training for the past few months specifically for the half, but have been running pretty steadily for the past year.


Photo Credit: steelbyte

Monday was our last longer run before the half, and it went surprisingly well. Since we were tapering down, the run itself was a 10K and I didn’t push the pace too much, but it felt good to feel confident with the distance and was not breathing hard. A marked difference from just a year and a half ago when we ran our first 10K and I ended up in tears…not a huge surprise if you know me, but I am still pretty proud. My partner in crime did an amazing job as well, since he ran completely and got it all done in under an hour. Definitely a PR for him!


Now, I know that we should be watching our diet right before the race, and I swear that we have been being pretty good, but we did end up sharing some late night onion rings to celebrate the last week before the race. I have never dipped them in BBQ sauce before and it is a fabulous combination that I will have to try again.

Friday and Saturday are the expo days for the half and full marathons. I will be putting up a post covering the goodies at the expo as well as a full recap of the race.I am pretty nervous this week for everything, but overall, I think/know that we can do it. Now, I just want to get a good time so that we can get into a closer corral for the WDW half.



  1. Katie · October 4, 2015

    Good luck at your race! It can only get easier, right 🙂


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