Trip Report: An Impromptu Trip (Part 1)

What do you do when you have a little left over from your honeymoon? Why an impromptu trip to Disneyland of course. Since we have been going pretty consistently for the last few years on longer trips, it was tough thinking that we would only have two full days there, but it was so worth it!

We left right after work on Friday:


Even the airport elevator is exciting when you are on your way to Disneyland…


We arrived at LAX and drove to Anaheim. I was most nervous about that part, since we usually fly into SNA and just take a taxi, but the flight options at LAX are much more flexible for a quick trip when time is of the essence.

After about an hour of getting the car, driving down, checking in and getting to our room, we were headed for a late night snack at Downtown Disney.


Our first stop was the Hearthstone Lounge, since we had never been there..and it was too late to go to any of the main restaurants. The lounge is surprisingly loud, but the decor is beautiful and the Arts and Crafts style is just so spectacular. The woodcutting over the bar area is definitely impressive, but did I take a picture of it? No… Instead we mainly focused on the drinks and the food:


We ordered a regular lemonade and a strawberry lemonade. Both were good, but the tacos were the best part of the meal, the guacamole was delicious!


After dining at the Hearthstone Lounge, we ended the night at World of Disney to pick up some Goofy’s Sour Balls and to look at the 60th Anniversary gear. Unfortunately there weren’t very many items that we very unique or interesting, so we didn’t end up buying anything except the candy…yumm.

I will follow up with more Pics from our first official say at the park!


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