December Disneyland Trip Day Four: Carnation Cafe, Tower of Terror, and California Screamin’

For our fourth day at Disneyland, all eight of us decided to have an early breakfast at Carnation Cafe. One of the benefits of staying at the parks for a lot of days, is that the “rope drop” (arriving at opening to get on more rides) becomes a bit less important, because you will definitely get to everything.

The food at Carnation Cafe is not really that amazing, but the atmosphere early in the morning is priceless. It is always fun getting to watch people walk into the parks excitedly, some for the very first time. Disneyland is one of the best places to people watch, and Carnation Cafe may be one of the best places in Disneland to do just that.

We then got the chance to take both my mother and Andy’s mom on California Screamin’. Their photos were priceless! That night we also got to see the holiday version of World of Color, which was so much better than the 60th Anniversary version. We put in a few clips of that as well. Enjoy!



Eugene Half-Marathon Training Log: Week 3

Oops… I didn’t upload this very quickly because work has been a bit crazy lately. That said, I am super jazzed about my new interval plan. As you know, I do the run-walk-run method. Before I was doing run 4 minutes and walk 1 minute. For this half-marathon, I am working on a completely different interval. For my race-pace interval, I will be running 40 seconds/walking 20 seconds. For long runs while training, I have been running 30 sec/walking 30 seconds.

I LOVE this new interval. I have been able to keep up my pace and even push a bit faster using these shorter intervals even though technically I would be running for a smaller amount of time. After the five-mile long run last week, I felt better than I have felt after a longer run in a really long time!!

I didn’t get any workout pics from this week, but we ended up making a video of two of our weekly workouts on our Lazy Day Adventures channel. I added the video below, after the log.

MONDAY: Scheduled Rest Day

TUESDAY:….Unscheduled “Rest” Day….

WEDNESDAY:….Lack of Motivation Day….

THURSDAY: Ran 30 minutes (40 sec./30 sec. interval)

FRIDAY: Harry Potter Movie Workout (We did this for film 3)

SATURDAY: Ran 30 minutes (40sec./20 sec interval)

SUNDAY:5 Mile Long Run


I will be uploading my current week 4 log tomorrow after our long run today. Wish me luck! 6 miles….


Pixar Movie Workout 1: Toy Story

As you may know, I have been training for the Eugene Half-Marathon in May. Part of my training plan is to do more weight and resistance training. That is usually my initial plan and then I completely drop it and end up just running. I am determined not to do that this time around.

At the same time, I am also somewhat self-conscious about doing body weight workouts at the gym. The gym I go to doesn’t have a lot of space for that because they have more weight training machines. Plus, I really do not like using the gym mats there. As a result, I decided to try to do more workouts at home.

I am a lover of movie workouts especially because I am a couch potato at heart. If you haven’t done a movie workout before it is fairly simple:

  1. Write out the exercises that you would like to do during the “workout” session. I tend to pick just four to six different exercises because with a movie workout repetition becomes more important than the different types of exercises you do.
  2. Tie about two to four things that might happen in the movie to each workout. For example, in Toy Story, every time Buzz says, ” To infinity and beyond,” I have to do ten sit-ups.
  3. Keep in mind that the more movie events or character appearances you put below each exercise the more you will be moving during the movie.
  4. You can target specific areas like a core workout by choosing only core exercises or putting more of the events under a core exercise than under a leg exercise.
  5. I usually only do the exercise once per scene, so if the aliens were to appear in a scene and then stay in the scene for four more minutes, I wouldn’t have to keep doing the exercise. I would just do the exercise once and then do it again when they appear in a different scene.
  6. The final rule is always to have fun and to remember that if a workout is too strenuous, you definitely can just set a time limit. Often, I just do 45-60 minutes of a movie workout, because I am pretty tired by then.

Now, to make things more geeky I decided to add a theme to the movie workouts I create. I wanted to run through the Pixar movies in order to give myself an extra challenge. As a result, our first movie workout that I created is for Toy Story.


If you feel inspired then I definitely recommend creating your own movie workout, or if you are looking for a fun, full body workout, feel free to follow the one that I made.

Toy Story Movie Workout-4


Disclaimer: I am in no way a physician, and would recommend consulting your physician before doing any workout program. If you participate in any exercise or exercise program, you could get injured.  If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of’s negligence.

December Disneyland Trip 2016: Day Three (A Walk in Walt Disney’s Footsteps Tour and Character Breakfast)

For our third day in Disneyland, we got to have some super special treats. Andy and I started our day off really, really early… like 7:00 AM early, in order to get to a character breakfast at Storyteller’s Cafe.


The character breakfast there was really relaxed and one of the best for adults, because the atmosphere is calmer and the decor is beautiful. I am a huge fan of the Arts and Crafts style architecture and decor, so eating here is always a treat. We captured a lot of the great touches in our film. As for the characters, we got the chance to meet Chip and Dale, Pluto, and the bear from Brother Bear. Now there weren’t a ton of characters this time around, and I was super disappointed that Meeko wasn’t there, since he is one of my favorite woodland creatures. That said, our experience with Pluto was so memorable that it made up for such few characters.

No on this day, we were meeting up with some more family, which made our party a group of eight. One thing that really helped with such a large group was to schedule certain times and events that we would meet up for. On this day, Andy and I had a bit of extra time before meeting up with family, so we rode a bunch of rides before starting A Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour.


If you are a Disney fan and haven’t been on this tour, then it is a “must” for your next trip. The last time we did it, we were able to actually go into Walt Disney’s family suite. This time around they weren’t showing that. Instead, we got to see the Dream Suite! It worked out well for Andy and me because we had already seen the family suite, but I felt bad for my family who was looking forward to seeing it.

Even though they were a bit disappointed to not have seen the family suite, the dream suite is sooooooooo cool. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to film there, but we were able to take a family photo in the sitting room.

The rest of the day was pretty relaxed and we just waited to see the holiday parade before going to Café Orleans for Pommes Frites and the famous Monte Cristo sandwich! Yum!


Friday Five… Best Snacks at Disney’s California Adventure

When I am truly hungry at work, I always dream about pigging out on snacks at Disney parks! That said, I feel like most people, including me, think mainly about the snacks available at Disneyland rather than California Adventure.

Of course in Disneyland, there are tons of treats like Mickey beignets, dole whips, and Matterhorn macaroons, but let’s not forget DCA. So, with no further ado, here are my top five picks for the best snacks at DCA. I will say too that this is not in any sort of order. I love them all.


  1. Queso Fundido at Carthay Circle Lounge

Carthay Circle is one of the fanciest places to eat at either of the Disney parks in California…that isn’t Club 33. That said, this little dish comes in at under $15. The refilled the chips that went with it, and it was basically just a trough of melted cheese and salsa. DELISH!!


2. Make Your Own Ice Cream Bar at Clarabelle’s 

This treat really packs a punch. It is definitely one of my very favorites, though Andy doesn’t like it as much. These seem extremely simple because it is just ice cream dipped in chocolate with sprinkles, but it is oh so good. You get to choose the ice cream base, the shell, and the toppings. It is sugar heaven. That said, you may want to share this with someone…otherwise, you may fall into a sugar comma.


3. Anything at the Cozy Cone!

Whether it is Chili Cone Queso, a Pizza Flavored Popcone, or a cone full of churro bites, you really can’t go wrong with the snack choices at the Cozy Cone Motel. Plus, the theming is beyond fabulous. Andy’s favorite is the Chili Cone Queso. We have to get at least one a visit. I don’t know what he will do if it ever goes away.


4. Ice Cream Shakes at Flo’s V8 Café

Most shakes are such a waste of money. Many are either absurdly overpriced or just tasteless. The shakes at Flo’s are so creamy and thick. They are definitely a nice sweet treat on a hot day. I won’t even mention how delicious fries are dipped in them (haters gonna hate).


5. Soft-Serve Ice Cream at Paradise Pier Ice Cream

This is possibly the best deal of all the treats. A regular cone is almost a foot of delicious vanilla, chocolate, or swirl ice cream. This is such an Instagram-worthy treat with all of Paradise Pier in the background that you can usually see at least three different people taking artsy pictures of their ice cream cone. The picture alone is worth the price of the ice cream, but the delicious soft-serve takes helps this simple treat get into the top five best treats at DCA.

Comment below if you agree or if you think I am leaving anything out of this! There are so many great snacks, and I definitely haven’t had them all.


Hiking Zigzag Canyon and Paradise Park around Mount Hood

If you are looking for a beautiful, but long, day hike, then you should definitely take a trip to Paradise Park via Zigzag Canyon. It is not a huge secret that I am not the most trained hiker, but this was getting close to my max for a day hike. Round trip, it is a little over 12 miles.

The hike meanders through breathtaking vistas, wildflowers (July and August), waterfalls, picturesque meadows, and an amazing view of Mt. Hood.

We started the hike at the historic Timberline Lodge and followed the trail behind the lodge to the Timberline trail. The first mile or so is easy and takes you to the Zigzag canyon overlook. That said, we weren’t going to stop there, we just kept going…

We hiked down a steep slope into the canyon, crossed the stream from the glacier and then back up the other side of the canyon to get to Paradise Park. While walking up the steep slope I kept wondering if all this hiking was worth it. Once we reached Paradise Park the extra effort was definitely worth it.


I will say that the half-way point in the hike has some wonderful campsites that would make a relaxing two-day backpacking trip if the day hike seemed like a little much. I ended up only taking a few pictures, but the video I linked below shows the hike more in-depth.

This was one of those hikes where we just kept exclaiming how gorgeous it was. It certainly didn’t hurt that it was such a beautiful day. You will tell from the video though that by the end of the 12 miles, I was pretty wiped out.

Zigzag Canyon Video

December Disneyland Trip 2017: Day Two

For our second day at Disneyland we were all a bit groggy from the day before. Getting up at 3:30 to board a plane and then staying up until midnight definitely takes a toll. That said, we were up and going before the parks opened, but this time, we were headed to DCA to start the day.

Now, I have since read that the bag check area has improved, but on this day the bag check line went all the way back to the middle of the bus drop-off point. It took us at least twenty minutes to get through bag check and probably another ten to get into DCA. That was really the only day we had that much trouble, but it was a bit of a headache to get in. (Though I am glad that they are being thorough. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely would prefer to wait in order to ensure the safety of everyone.)

We then headed straight for Cars Land, because Andy’s parents had never been to DCA let alone Cars Land. We got fast passes for Radiator Springs Racers and then went on Mater’s Junk Yard Jamboree and the new Luigi’s ride. Both were fun, but I am of the minority who enjoyed the flying tires. I know…

We then toured all around DCA and ended the night at Disneyland. Feel free to check out our trip video for all of the fun!